Whatu Kura Toi is our introductory twelve-week online course, designed to accommodate people from all backgrounds who want to deepen their understanding of Te Ao Māori. Designed by an Indigenous education model, this course uses individual experience with our mātauranga to give truthful meaning to the past, and applying it into a creative kaupapa for the present. With our limitless means to kōrero through the digital space, the barriers to education shrink, and the enjoyment of learning emerges in a way that enhances what it means to be Māori. We believe all Māori can be active agents in weaving the fabric of modern Māori society, but first that involves carving out your best contribution to where you come from.

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As an emerging Maori education provider, we’re in the process of building educational resources and material. We currently offer our Whatu Kura Toi module, an introductory course to te ao Maori and the foundation of branching into future education.