Free Writing Programs

  • Microsoft Word Online – a free version of Microsoft Word which will require a working internet connection
  • LibreOffice Writer – Has all the features for writing, easy to use, and works on any operating system
  • Google Docs – Part of Google Drive, which helps to keep your work in one space, efficient and easy to use

Free PowerPoint Programs

  • Canva – One of the best sources in the game! Can also be used for Design and Artwork, but also great for presentations
  • Google Slides – By the far the most popular PowerPoint alternative out there, it is great for collaborative work, too.
  • Prezi – An interactive presentation tool that can be used to create a more immersive presentation experience

Free Design / Creative Programs

  • Design Wizard – Windows: ranked as one of the best for more graphic design work, especially for beginners. It has over 1000 templates to start you off, and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Canva – A personal favourite, has easy to use guides, and multiple tools to help shape visual masterpieces.
  • Inkscape – its tagline is “draw freely”, it hosts a pack of features for beginners, and great to put drawing skills to use
  • Easil – has quality templates, similar to Canva in a lot of ways, with a huge variety of creative tools

Note* Design software can take a while to get used to, websites like Canva are quick to get the hang of, however, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can submit your work in the form of Drawings or other types of physical art.